• Non-invasive Vascular Screening Device


    HC-15 is a noninvasive arterial stiffness screening device which can accurately measure brachial ankle pulse wave velocity and reflect the level of atherosclerosis. With the innovative application of BioRFTM artery radar technology and AI enhanced medical model, HC-15 can provide an easier vascular screening solution for primary health care.

  • Measurement Video of Non-invasive Vascular Screening Device HC-15

  • Continuous non-invasive blood pressure tracking

    Performance of the watch BP solution

    BP elevation by 3-min exercise

    We referred to widely used methods to induce short term elevation of blood pressure. ​BioRF™ artery sensor generates data that supports accurate measurements of pulse transit time, a strong indicator of SBP.

    Comparing with Omron device

    The first dot was measured after 1 time calibration. 2-4 were measured consequently after 3-min cycling.5-7 were measured resting, during the next 10 minutes.​

  • Comparison of Three Vessel Sensors

    A new bio-sensor, more opportunities.

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